When to use clip in hair extensions

The quickest and easiest way to temporarily change a hair style is to use clip in hair extensions. They are perfect to add fullness to an up-do for a special occasion, to help people experiment with bangs before getting their hair cut, or create a ponytail for the day. They can also add length to a braid, add a splash of color to natural hair, or be styled to fit a specific look. The hair for extensions can be human or synthetic, depending on the preference of customers. Synthetic extensions tend to be more cost-effective, and are available in more places. Temporary extensions made of synthetic hair can often be found at department stores, beauty supply stores, and chain costume jewelry stores. Extensions made of human hair can be found online, at salons, and supply stores for hair stylists.
Teasing the natural hair at the root where the clip will be placed will help secure the extension for the whole day or evening. The hair right above the clip should also be teased to keep the clip from slipping. If the extension is straight, and the hair style will be curly, it can either be styled with heat, or curled with rollers the night before. Dampening the hair and allowing it to dry around sponge rollers will result in a natural looking curl, and will not damage the extension. That method may be preferable to heat, which can cause the hair to split or frizz.
Another tip to keep in mind it to place the extension in the hair upside down when creating a ponytail or up-do. That way, the hair is going in the right direction, and will flow more naturally. Place the clip underneath a layer of natural hair for an up-do as well to help hide the clip itself. Spraying the entire style with a gloss or shine hair product will also help the extension blend in with the natural hair. Clip ins will need to come out at the end of the day, or at bedtime, to avoid breaking the clip, or tangling the hair. Extensions can be washed and reused for several times before wearing out, if they are of high-quality.

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