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Coffee Drinking in America Coffee drinking is already an obsession in the country and it is the most widely used stimulant today. The effect of caffeine is our bodies make us feel alert and attentive. It is highly lipid soluble, so it tends to cross from the bloodstream into the brain quickly and we feel its effects relatively quickly. Today, you see millions rushing through the streets in the morning with coffee cup in hand, homemade or bought from their favorite coffee shop going through the morning hour rush to their offices in the city. While on lunch break we see men and women in their business suits sitting on sidewalk cafes to reenergize themselves with a coffee cup or two, for the rest of their work day, while students chill from afternoon to evening in coffee lounges around their school. While making their night round, police officers and security guards will be seen clutching cups themselves. In short, coffee drinkers in the United States can be found just about anywhere you go. The Essential Laws of Refreshments Explained Over the years, coffee drinking seems to have moved farther away from the traditional social activity that it initially appeared to be. Although people still frequent coffee houses for leisure activities or solely for social purposes, it's far more likely to see a variety of folds working on laptops or reading, or doing some other form of productive work at coffee houses. Questions About Machines You Must Know the Answers To Now coffee drinkers have a way of being associated by coffee criteria like what coffee brands they drink, what coffee houses or shops they go to, or by what method or process coffee is made and served in a certain type of cup. It has been an iconic mark for people. Yes coffee is a cultural obsession in America because at the rate that it is going, coffee is a subculture that massively floated to the surface of the consumer's society. Now coffee has become a social statement or a way of telling people how you would like to live and coffee being a drink, a brand, a process, has been relegated to the sidelines. Coffee drinking has become part of the culture. You name any famous coffee outlet that carries a brand name, and I can tell you that it is the alternative to branded soda but so much more, because the branded soda is just a branded soda. You can, today, associate coffee with chocolate, ice-cream, frappuccino, travel mugs with exotic prints, cups and live music, discounts on exhibitions and even support for volunteer work. This is all true. There are a staggering 70 million cups of coffee drank every morning across the nation, which does not include cups drink in the afternoons and evenings.

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